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Despite getting thrown against a wall a few times, being a bootstrapped startup entrepreneur taught me a few hidden secrets about business, leading a team paid in peanuts, and key hustle tactics.

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Me in a Nutshell

It all started when Warren Buffett hinted that I become “The Flower Guy” (Read the full story here). In hindsight, my ambitions until that point had been confined in a box, but eating lunch with my idol showed me that anything is possible with the right ingenuity. What he instructed me to do ultimately prompted dropping a “safe” career path to pursue my passion – building businesses. Click to read more...

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Lunch with Warren Buffett

My Skills

  1. Spanish 80%
  2. Operations, Sales, & BizDev 90%
  3. Demand Generation 60%
  4. Content Marketing 60%
  5. Procurement & Logistics 70%
  6. Negotiations 70%
  7. New Venture Financial Modeling 75%
  8. Hustle & Grind 100%
While my college degree was in finance, I have always been a firm believer in tangible skills and results over titles. Years of post-graduate education could have introduced me to the textbook version of the fields listed above. Not to say I'll never go back, but for now, I'm sticking with Nike's school of thought: Just Do It. Was it a good decision? You be the judge...Click here.