Despite getting thrown against a wall a few times, being a bootstrapped startup entrepreneur taught me a few hidden secrets about business, leading a team paid in peanuts, and key hustle tactics.

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Hi y’all, I’m Michael.

Thanks for visiting. First off, no I’m not southern, but I do believe in southern hospitality.  Therefore, the formal version of my bio is below under “Professional Bio,” but my preference is for us to converse as friends, as if we were sitting on the back porch sipping sweet tea and enjoying some chicken and waffles. That being said, if you want to read my full story, click the button below and let’s pass the plate around.

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Professional bio

Michael Lyons is the Founder of GlobalPetals.com, an online brokerage and import business that sources, ships and sells the Dom Perignon of roses to high-end retailers and event companies all over the United States. He has been featured as an industry expert in Flowers& Magazine, as well as the Chicago Sun-Times, Tech News, IIT Magazine and Illinois Business News. GlobalPetals has operations in 7 states and 3 countries, serving the most luxurious markets including Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles. Its blog has come to be an industry leader, helping floral designers with advice on floral and business innovation. Michael was also a finalist in the Cozad New Venture competition, is a Distinguished Alumnus of the Indian Prairie School District, and a High Honors graduate from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.


To build a world inspired by fiction, constructed through ingenuity, and led with courage.

3 Core Values

1. Action

Do what you say, finish what you start, say please and thank you. Read my biography…

2. Sacrifice

If you’re going to excel at anything, it will always come at a cost. I’ve sacrificed comfortable living, audacious salary, security, and social stigmas for the belief that no matter age or background, it’s our responsibility to stretch our limits and impact the world around us for the betterment of those who weren’t given so much.

3. Service

To whom much is given, much is expected. I’ve been privileged with a fantastic education, supportive family, and business opportunity. These are gifts that very few enjoy. It’s our role to give back. It’s also my firm belief that my business exploits should exist to serve society by solving its big problems. If I do that, profits will follow.


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